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Suffice to say, while the requirements and responsibilities of product management aren’t clear-cut, it’s incredibly hard to land a good PM role.

No matter what your background is, these 3 tips will be one of those needless articles to look back on for reference; one read is all you’ll need (jot down those books!). My hope, however, is that I provide some additional spark that will help promote deeper thinking into your strategy.

I’m assuming…

How to find your path for success-after-college

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Gentle piano soundtracks danced out of my laptop speaker as I laid on my couch with the window behind me open despite a cold outside drizzle. It was a Friday afternoon — a day that suddenly felt three times more valuable than if it was still a school semester. I’d equate this to a natural feeling of recuperation workers have after a busy work week, which pushes many to treasure free time more noticeably. Nothing really beats the happy thought of a relaxing weekend upcoming, as nothing school-related was on the radar.

On the brink of June, we find ourselves…

My own desk, with Unity Editor open :)

It’s a sophisticated yet simple system of services, hosted in large servers (the cloud), powerful enough to run such software that can aid game development in every edge imaginable.

It sounds like something of high importance.

That being said, I feel that game development is an underrepresented space that deserves greater investment. Companies should have a stronger embracement of cloud tools that game devs can use. This argument comes especially apparent when considering the prominent value that the cloud has in numerous other areas. While less relevant, I’m also passionate about game-building and innovation, so there’s that.

This article is…

I went to a Deloitte Design Case Comp in the Winter of 2018.

If you appreciate the complexities of business problem-solving and bridging teams together for common goals while honing your technical & design expertise, you’ll like product, and should consider it.

If you prefer direct building and hands-on problem-solving while seeing your efforts immediately in customers’ hands, you’ll like engineering and design.

Don’t overthink it.

This article has one goal: to remind prospects of what the basic core traits are for a product manager, in order to help decide if you’re a good fit.

If you’re a student or just simply someone considering product management as their next career gig, I’d like…

I stared in blankness out the colossal-sized window filling the sandwich between my condo’s floor and ceiling.

On a typical work or school-packed day, I’m usually found at the nearby table working away, giving hardly 10 cents of my time reflecting how my past decisions have shaped my current life. It always seemed like the time lapse for every single new day that passed by was an inch faster than the last. Ironically, the only days I sat to deeply reflect were days I suffered from boredom and tints of loneliness — it was almost like a subtle coping mechanism…

My trip to Harvard University for Hack Harvard 2018.

Myself included, there’s always a substantial amount of people I know or have heard of that decided not to return to a past employer from an internship. Venturing into the unknowns in search of fresh new employment after graduation seemed to be the more popular choice, at least within my group of friends. This can be risky, especially given the depleted new grad job market brought by a COVID pandemic.

It’s insane to sometimes to think that I did this as well. I obsessed over the idea that testing the new grad job market was something I’d regret if I…

Cherry blossoms @ UBC

I looked up at the grey, cloudy sky as the dense, cold air danced on the edge of my visible breath.

Vancouver isn’t exactly known for sunshine, but that day exerted unusual feelings on top of the already gloomy weather — ominous and bewildering. I looked up, letting the inevitable darkening sky soak up the rest of my hope for sunlight. I knew what this walk was going to be about: an opportunity to clear my mind and think about my future, particularly in relation to my future relationship and my career.

Recently, I had just obtained a new job…

The Backstory

It was a rainy night in late July of 2018.

I sat depressingly cross-legged on my double-sized bed, frustrated that I couldn’t fit my laptop at a proper height in front of me without straining my back excessively. ‘How do so many people manage to work from their bed?’ was the same repetitive thought I had whenever the “work-from-bed” laziness kicked in during the occasional weeknight.

I stuck with the rather uncomfortable position I was in anyways, as I was only completing one single task: delete the recent ‘Godot’ game engine I downloaded (and perhaps overwhelmed) on my new but…

Are you one of many graduates struggling or stressing right now about the job search process? Finding a job in today’s market is one thing; finding a job that aligns with your career prospects in its entirety is a whole ‘nother level.

Notice how I said ‘many.’ Many of us, especially those within a circle of peers who have friends impatiently finding their next gig, can feel the pressure stacked against ourselves. It might just be a senseless and ever-growing pressure to achieve the next biggest step of our careers, which ties back to our fundamental desire to make a…

This winter was one of the toughest job-seeking terms I’ve encountered yet as a college student. Going into my 4th year with several internship experiences under my belt, I thought finding my final internship before graduation would be easy. For context, I look for product management, consulting or data analytics internships. If you would like to skip my own job-hunting story and go straight to the advice, scroll down to the bottom. Otherwise, I’d like to briefly share my own experience:

In January of 2020, I was applying and receiving interviews. I applied to around 100 places in the month…

Kasey Fu

Product manager & aspiring author. Waterloo ’21. Working on writing both fiction & non-fiction!

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