Working on an AI Copilot: A Day in the Life of an AI Product Manager

Allow me to tell you what it’s like to be a product manager working on Planview Copilot.

Kasey Fu
9 min readJan 22, 2024


It’s been over a year since I last wrote about my realistic “day in the life as a product manager at Microsoft Bing.” Now that I’ve left for a smaller company called Planview and become the product manager (PM) for their flagship AI product, I figured it was time to refresh what my daily day looks like for everyone.

Again, I’m giving you a deeper dive into a more “realistic” day. Don’t worry, I don’t go past 60-hour work weeks. So without further ado…

My name is Kasey. I started my product career at Microsoft, and I now work at Planview as their product lead for Planview Copilot, an AI assistant that sits across Planview’s suite of portfolio and VSM solutions! If you want to learn more about how AI-based Copilots work, check out my article here.

Note: I usually go to the office for this job, and I only work from home once or twice a week. I tend to find myself more productive in the office, especially on days when my entire product team is there with me.

Nevertheless, I’ll go through a day in the life for both days.

Working from the office

7 AM 🥱

This is typically the time I get up. I know. It’s early for a tech person, but there’s a reason, and I’m sure for most of us who work with remote teams, you’ll understand. Some of the other product teams I have to collaborate with to ship our Planview Copilot properly are in CT, EST, and even GMT (UK time). Because I’m in Pacific time, we have to compromise to meet during overlapping work hours.

Anyway, I spend no more than 15 minutes getting ready and dressed; I’m usually out the door by 7:15 AM, hoping to reach the office by 8. Sometimes, if I have earlier meetings that I can’t avoid and I don’t have enough time to commute to the office cause of other meetings in the morning, I’ll wake up at 6 am and get to the office by 7. Early mornings are a common pain we suffer from living in PST.

8 AM



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